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SERVANT Leadership; If You’re Not Serving Others, You’re Not Leading.

The first principle in the acronym of the word SERVANT Leadership which is ‘Selfless’ apprehends the selfless nature of leadership in a simple statement. Selflessness is about prioritizing the needs of others before yourself. So to say, putting the needs of your employees and the people you serve in the company, first.

See, it’s very easy in organizational leadership to be selfish without evidently showing it. Leaders are driven to succeed but that drive can be too excessive and too self-focused. However, a selfless leader ensures to deliver sustainable results and look at the long-term needs of its stakeholders. For instance, if one stakeholder demands a big project that may put the organization at risk, the servant leader, being selfless, will consider every individual. On the other hand, selfish leaders would show no concern at all, not even bothered to sacrifice the welfare of their stakeholders.

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