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Paychecks Can’t Buy Passion

Passion is an extraordinary characteristic of top tier talent and is one secret ingredient of a long term and consistent company success. It primarily drives people to work towards bigger goals and to think audaciously in many different areas. Amazingly enough, most employers are tricked by the misconception that money will ever amount to passion when it’s really the other way around. As it happens, a lot of companies make the mistake of trying to incentivize work with monetary gain, but unfortunately it only showcased short term outcomes. The truth is, paychecks can’t buy passion. It makes a massive difference if your employees love what they do, and love of the mission is priceless – according to Brad Federman (the author of this quote). It is about love!

Do you hire passionate people in your workplace? Do you reinforce strategies to make sure that they stay passionate about their job? We’d love to know your thoughts! Feel free to share here.


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